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1. Where are you located?

Market Collective (Victoria) has two locations:

-in The Bay Centre Mall Downtown at #225 - 1150 Douglas St, Victoria, BC V8W 3M9

-at Mattick's Farm in Cordova Bay at ##115 - 5325 Cordova Bay Rd, Victoria, BC V8Y 1R1


2. What are you store hours?

-The Bay Centre location:

-Mattick's Farm location:


3. How do I become a Vendor?

Market Collective feels very proud to be able to assist Canadian + handmade Artisans capture a wider audience while supporting their small business and adding to the value of the store.  Both of our stores are very full, so at this time we are very selective on what we bring in to honour our standing commitments to existing featured Artists.  We are however collecting information from "Hopeful Vendors" so we understand who is available if/when we are able to collaborate.  Please fill out this FORM.


4. What makes Market Collective unique?

Market Collective is a space that was created for people who earn an income through Markets and Shows by people who run/attend Markets and Shows.  We have a deep understanding for the efforts that go into creating and executing a successful small business and a deep passion for building up and supporting our peers to create a more accessible and sought after industry that is local + handmade.


5.  Is Market Collective exclusively handmade?

The factual answer is no, but for the reason such as some of the say Tshirts in the store are mass produced yet the art on them is original and hand screen printed.  So, as a broad term we could say that it is handmade but Market Collective acknowldges that this dampens the value to those that truly create exclusively by hand - which the store carries many artisans from this realm.  By shopping at the store you can feel confident that every item purchased in the store is created by a small business owner that has had a direct hand in creating the final product.


6. Is Market Collective exclusively local?

If we consider Canada local than YES!  Although the vast majority of the Vendors we have collaborated with are "hyper local" and reside on Southern Vancouver Island or the Coastal Mainland, Market Collective proudly carries several Vendors from out of province.  These Vendors are people we know personally, that we have had the pleasure working with through the years who also experienced an upset to their sales streams due to COVID related closures.  Thank you for allowing us to be transparent!

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Our locations

Come visit us today! Find us in the Bay Center Mall on the second floor across from Soft Moc or at Matticks Farm across from the court yard. A mini market experience is waiting for you.

The Bay Centre Mall

The Bay Center
225-1150 Douglas Victoria, B.C.
V8W 3M9

(778) 406-1150
Mon-Sat 10am to 6pm,
Sun 11am to 5pm
Matticks Farm

Matticks Farm
5235 Cordova Bay Rd
Victoria, B.C.
V8Y 1R1

(778) 433-5325
Mon-Sat 10am-5pm
Sun 11am-5pm