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  • Wherever possible and is suitable to the function of the item, Spindrift Leatherworks uses natural/raw vegetable-tanned leather. The vegetable-tanning process uses vegetable tannins to tan the leather, very little water, and no chemicals. The process takes longer, making veg-tan more expensive than the alternative.
  • Chrome-tanned leather (what we like to avoid) is a much speedier and more cost-effective process, however quite damaging to the environment ass it uses plenty of harsh chemicals and water… Hand-dying our vegetable-tanned products are time consuming, but it’s waste-free thereby ensuring nothing is released into the environment.
  • IMPORTANT: any items that are sold as “Natural” in colour are in fact, completely free of dye. Leather is skin and will actually get a tan, just like humans, after sun exposure. Customers should be aware that their “Natural” item will darken a few shades with time. This will only add to its character and beauty. 
  • Throughout our product line, you will find the occasional “scar” or “cowbrand”. Spindrift Leatherworks embraces these markings for two reasons:
    • The markings add appeal to the rustic elegance of our products
    • Discarding the marked leather leads to an excessive amount of waste in the industry. Spindrift Leatherworks’ makes every attempt to reduce waste and limit environmental damage
  • Pillow inserts & plants are for display only