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Located in Esquimalt.

All of our products are sold as a concentrate; simply use 1oz in a glass and top with sparkling water. Generally speaking, you want a 1:5 ratio, but the beauty of a concentrate is really being able to dial in your preferred flavour strength.


  • Ginger Beer: Fresh ginger juice, organic lemon juice, a tiny bit of cane syrup, and sea salt. Our juice is pressed by a juicer up in Nanaimo called GoodLife. This is a spicy refreshing ginger beer that is low in sugar and big in taste. Use it with sparkling water to make a cocktail or mocktail or add it to hot water for a lovely hot ginger tea.
  • Cardamom Citrus Tonic: Complex style tonic, with subtle floral notes: lavender (grown in the Cowichan Valley), cardamom, coriander, orange peel. Crisp, complex, and bitter, the botanical notes are the perfect complement to a London-dry style gin for an incredible G&T. Best thing about having a tonic concentrate is being able to control the level of sugar in your drink – just use a little less of the syrup (recommended starting with 1/2oz)
  • Classic Dry Tonic: Traditional style tonic, notes of bitter orange peel and crisp bitterness. For the G&T purist – perfect bitterness to compliment any gin, particularly good at showcasing flavoured or botanically-heavy gins.
  • Root Beer: Botanically driven root beer with lots of character and a creamy finish: sarsaparilla, orris root, wintergreen, allspice and roasted dandelion root. Don’t think A&W style, this root beer has more kick! Great on its own, in a float, or with rum or vanilla vodka in a cocktail. 
  • Rosehip Lemonade: Tangy, yet balanced lemonade with rosehip and a hint of hibiscus: rosehip, hibiscus flowers, organic lemon juice. Lovely with sparkling, still, or hot water. Perfect in a cocktail; particular favourite is French 75, 1oz gib, 1oz rosehip lemonade top with prosecco.