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  • The Canadian Monster Club series is all based around characters from Canadian Indigenous mythology and/or actual historical sightings
  • Partial proceedings are donated to the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society. 
  • The factual legends are included in the front of each book


  • Ogopogo: Things are peaceful for Ogopogo until her crazy cousin comes to visit!
  • Sasquatch: The foodies who loves to eat but gets hangry without his snacks
  • Wendigo: A hockey obsessed monster, who scares away everyone with his smile, just wants to start his own hockey team. 
  • Memegwesi: A trickster on his way to 223rd birthday, tricks everyone into coming to his party
  • Cressie: A lake monster from Crescent Lake, is afraid of the dark
  • Lou Garou: Whenever she loses her temper she turns into a werewolf
  • Mannegishi: According to ancient tales, Mannegishi are small hairless people who are mischievous 
  • One Blue Moose: A colours and counting book for early learners. Great for bedtime. 
  • Canadian Monster Club: All 17 monsters get together for a Canada Day Party- things get messy