Pocket Rag

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  • Body of hanky is made of 100% Organic Cotton flannel which is super soft in a natural colour tone.
  • Fabrics are preshrunk
  • Pocket Rag hankies are made in our home sewing studio, in our clean smoke/pet/fragrance free home.
  • These are sewn up with 100% Cotton thread


  • Triangle Pocket is made of 100% Cotton
  • Stamped logo triangle Pocket is sewn on corner for user to flip, scrunch, stuff used Portio of hanky inside
  • It is hand-dyed with organic plant-based dyes such as onion skins and coffee beans: Jori calls this process “Jori-Shibori”


  • Fancy Hankies: same as classics but larger and have 100% organic cotton lace edged around


  • Heavy Duty Hankies: Same as classics but made of heavier weight organic cotton flannel


Zero Waste Friendly:

The product itself is zero waste friendly as it replaces a disposable product (tissue), it is reusable for a long time, and then at the end of its lifespan it is compostable as it is made of organic cottons and all-natural materials. 

Our production process is also extremely low impact, as we portion the fabric as to not have any scraps left over. Threads and fabric bits are recycled or composted.