Pixie Chicks Spices

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Pixie Chicks Spices is a well-established Victoria-based company that specializes in original, artisanal spice rubs and spice blends to compliment meats, seafood, poultry, pasta, and veggies dishes. 

Our current product line consists of 12 varieties of spice blends, including Cowboy Coffee Rub, Steak & Rib Rub, Jamaican Jerk, Jake’s BBQ Secret, 5-Star Salmon, Maple, Tuscan Sunset, Saigon Dreams, Bliss Mix, Seafood, Spaghetti Cheater and our newest release, Moroccan Moon. Descriptions and suggested uses and pairings can be found on the following pages. Going forward, we intend to release several exclusive, new, limited run “Pixie Dust” blends per year in our trial sampler size.

Our spice blends come in two sizes; a 30-gram sampler size hanger, and a 100-gram resealable stand-up pouch.

Pixie Chicks Spices is ten years old, and we’ve enjoyed overwhelming interest and loyalty from the public, which is excited to buy local, great-tasting rubs with unique and fun packaging. Our products drive customers to you. Customers frequently tell us that they go out of their way to shop at stores specifically in order to find our products. Brisk sales at various farmers markets, street markets and at niche grocery stores, delis, butcher, and seafood shops indicate that our products will continue to enjoy consistent expansion in the future. Customers have strongly indicated that they want to have regular, local access to our products. Our line is affordable and has proven to do well in a number of different market niches, including grocery, gifts, weddings, camping, and tourism. 

Pixie Chicks Spices prepares and packages its original-recipe products in a Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and municipality-approved commercial kitchen in Victoria. We carry $2 million liability insurance, our packaging lists all ingredients, and includes bilingual nutrition labels and UPC codes. We have initial $150 wholesale minimum order, and welcome sales by the unit rather than by the case. Payments can be made by email transfer or by credit card. Wholesale delivery is generally by Canada Post and buyers are responsible for shipping fees. 

Please feel free to email, text, or phone if you are interested in carrying a selection of our rubs, or if you’d like to arrange a meeting. Including in this info packet is an order form on the last two pages including wholesale pricing and MSRP. No fillers or preservatives, low in salt, vegan, and vegetarian.