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My Friend Monster is a sustainable, eco-friendly small business operating in Victoria, BC, where crafter/artist/sewist Terri Wild makes one of a kind, friendly monster plushies from repurposed, upcycled wool sweaters. All are made with care in her home “Monster Workshop”.

Each new monster is thoughtfully created without the use of patterns and named to suit its burgeoning personality. Because of her unique method, no two monsters turn out the same. Terri loves the challenge of always creating with different materials and coming up with a variety of designs and techniques that evolved over the years. 

It all started in 2009, newly moved to Victoria (Terri is originally from Vancouver, by way of Richmond) Terri was eager to start her own creative business. Not sure exactly what she was going to do, she searched around for something to inspire her and became intrigued with the idea of crafting with wool sweaters rescued from the thrift store.

After learning what “wet felting” or fulling is (essentially when a knitted wool item is manipulated with hot water and soap to bind the fibres together), she felted the sweaters, then started cutting and sewing. She was surprised at what came out of the sewing machine. Monsters! She fell in love instantly (not to mention her 4-year-old daughter), and My Friend Monster was born.

Many of the monsters have a pocket mouth, perfect for interactive play, feeding monster food, or your fingers! Many times, cashmere sweaters are reserved for making the mouth interiors, for extra softness and coziness. 

And did you know that about 50% of monsters are adopted by grown-ups? They are the perfect gift for the quirky person on your list!