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Silk-screened by hand in small batches, all Mumble Tease creations feature the original artwork and ideas of Calgary based artist Heather Reinhardt, who makes up this one-lady apparel company.

The designs usually begin as doodles in one of my many sketchbooks, often done in a stream-of-consciousness style where a random line or shape is drawn and then the imagination takes over to create a world of creatures, plants and patterns. I also draw inspiration from various everyday things such as nature (nature is the coolest), patterns, funny things overheard in coffee shops, and song lyrics. 

I screen print the artwork myself, by hand, using a cut-stencil technique and non-toxic, water-based inks, a process that keeps my studio chemical free.

The blank garments I purchase to print my artwork onto are all made within either Canada or the US. I also have been increasingly using garments made with more sustainable fabrics such as organic cottons and polyester made from recycled pop bottles, with a commitment as of the spring of 2019 to use sustainable fabrics for all new designs.

And a special note regarding the inks, they may feel a bit stiff, but you can assure customers that after a few washes thy really soften up to the point where you can no longer feel them on the fabric. One of the great things about the water-based ink is that they sink into the fabric instead of just sitting on the surface, so the designs won’t crack or fade, but just get softer with each wash. 

  • 50% recycled polyester
  • 50% recycled organic cotton


  • 50% polyester
  • 37% cotton
  • 13% rayon