Kindred Coast

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It all started with a love of fashion and art, and an ambition to meld both of those creative outlets together. Our passion behind Kindred Coast comes from the desire to have new unique clothing and accessories, but without compromising the health of the earth to get it. We use sustainable and recycled materials as much as possible, and love to share our creations with you. We are all about creating an Eco-conscious business that also minimizes our impact on the environment.

We know that a concern for the earth's wellbeing matters. We want to encourage customers to shop for slow fashion, buying items that they can wear for years rather than months. Items that are classic enough to still feel stylish and in season, yet can be worn from one year to the next.

We currently focus mainly on our bamboo/organic cotton t-shirts, but are also working into designing and sewing items here in our studio in Ladysmith BC too. Look for merino wool ponchos, athletic hoodies, and sustainable tea towels coming to the shop.