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About the Artist

Jolanta is located in North Saanich

In 2009 I started a niche accessories label, creating handmade bags, pouches, and other accessories from re-claimed or locally sourced exclusive materials, mostly leather, canvas, and wool. I grew up in Lithuania, where I obtained a business degree; travelled after college, studied fil and journalism on the East Coast, worked as a translator in the UK, till I eventually found a home on Vancouver Island. I am a self-trained designer. My aesthetics and tastes developed with the North European landscape in the background, and I oftentimes look to my heritage for inspiration and solutions in my today’s creative process. My designs reflect that simplicity and strength of construction today. I made my first handbag in Vancouver, spring of 2009. My wares garnered interest from customers and boutiques, and the business grew organically. I am currently showing at art-shows in BC, Alberta and Ontario, the line is also carried by a number of independent shops in Canada and the US.

Currently, our line-up includes bags, pouches, hand-painted scarves and a range of small accessories. All our pieces are subtle in their appearance, with focus quality of construction, stitching, and materials used. They are timeless, minimalist and functional designs that go with any outfit, and many customers say, they are some of the most comfortable bags they have ever tried on. Our accessories appeal to women, between 25 and 60 years of age. Our customers enjoy the quality and comfort of the construction of our bags, their functionality and Old-World aesthetics.



As a designer, I put a lot of thought into picking a size of each design, its purpose, and detailing, for the most comfortable wear. I design, sketch, pattern, source leather and sew the bags myself. I use solely my original patterns and bring in new designs every season. We use bison and elk leathers tanned in an East Vancouver independent tannery, US made vegetable-tanned hides, and recycled leathers (mostly from garments, such as coats, to repurpose the most interesting details of them). The scrap pieces are used to produce coin pouches, hair scrunchies, and other small items.