JMP Flow Designs

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  • Growing up with a potter meant using gorgeous pieces that combined art and function every day, and started a lifelong love of beautiful homewares
  • The discovery of resin as a way to marry wood, ceramic, and metal fuels my passion to create unique, functional resin art pieces whose beauty is appreciated everyday
  • Food safe, scratch, and heat resistant resin and food safe colourants produce a play of colours and light in pieces for you home that feels both abstract and organic
  • Resin by its nature is translucent, and each pour is unique. Layers, movement, and mysterious combinations are frozen in the resin as the pieces cure to a glassy finish. The transparency of resin is fascinating- looking wet and fluid, while being completely solid. The impulse to touch a resin piece is undeniable and highly enraged!

The resin I use is food safe. This is not the resin used 20 years ago that turned a nasty yellow on the coffee table, and it’s not industrial resin meant for boat repair. It’s a priority for me to ensure the safety and wellbeing of customers. Before starting my resin work full time, I spent 20 years in the food industry, so I am very conscious of the products I use – pigments and mica powders used to colour the resin are food or cosmetic grade. This is not paint with resin poured over, nor is the resin coloured with paint- neither of which I’d feel comfortable with pieces intended for food contact. It is absolutely fine to have food in direct contact with the resin.

The resin is also scratch and heat resistant, however it’s not glass or ceramic. Serrated knives or heavy pressure with a sharp blade can leave marks – if a customer is looking for a cutting board it is best to have enough plain wood space to accommodate everyday chopping but cutting brie with a soft cheese knife is totally fine on the resin. Hot coffee cups will leave no mark on the coasters, but I don’t recommend using the boards as trivets as excessive heat may soften the resin and lead to scratches

Each piece is unique and handmade by me- it is important to know that the resin cures over several days, and while I do everything possible to ensure a smooth finish there is the possibility that a dust particle, ripple, or tiny bubble becomes trapped in the finish. These are testament to the handmade nature of the piece and will not deter from the beauty or functionality of the piece. Variations in colour should also be expected from piece to piece – colours are mixed by hand and I like to add variety to the colours. You may get pieces with multiple layers of resin, which I will sometimes include depending on my stock. Typically, I will only send single layer pieces in order to keep costs down for you and your customers. Two notable exceptions are the rectangular cherry live edge boards and bamboo trays which will always have multiple layers. Happy to accommodate customer requests.