Ice Creamed Honey

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Creamed honey, also called spun honey or whipped honey, is made through a process involving science, time and a little luck. Natural honey is persuaded to crystallize in a way that creates a delicious creamy treat.

Despite the name, there is no cream or dairy in our honey. All our honeys are also free of refined sugars, artificial flavours or colours and preservatives. We carefully control the moisture content when adding natural flavours so your honey will remain shelf stable for a very long time without added preservatives, but we bet, when you taste it, it won’t last long in the jar anyway! 

Without any added emulsifiers some natural ingredients will have a tendency to float to the top or sink to the bottom of the jar. We package our honey in small jars for this reason and encourage you to scoop through the entire jar when enjoying so you can experience the full flavour profile.

We use only 100% Canadian True Source Certified honey.

Proud to support local farmers and suppliers when possible. 

Items processed with possible exposure to nuts, milk, soy and other allergens.