Hul-Cree-Minum Ingenuity

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  • H brought back to weaving
  • Cedar is sacred to healing on so many levels- part history of Cree people + partly vitality
    • Vital to his living, just as to his ancestors
  • Been Cedar weaving since the age of 5, taught by his mother Violet Elliott
  • His father taught him harvesting and plant knowledge
    • Never over harvest
    • Listen to the tree for guidance
    • Accept what was given and to trust the process
  • Harvest, process, and prepare all-natural fibers personally and with family
  • Cedar weaving is an ageless/venerable practice, passed on for 10’s of thousands of years
  • Cedar weaving had to go “underground” due to the potlatch/culture ban in place from about 1885-1951 and as a result much of the Ancestral knowledge surrounding Cedar weaving has needed to be reclaimed
  • Many people assign gender to textile work, but Cedar weaving pre-colonialism was not a gendered practice
  • Shell and bone adornments have been popular for thousands of years on the coast. Faceted glass beads (“Russian blue beads”) were traded from what is now Russia and Czech Republic for hundreds of years and were sign of wealth