The Shrubbery Co.

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Here at The Shrubbery Co., we craft our shrubs with the finest vinegar and fruit we can find. Whether you want the most refreshing drink ever or a fantastic cocktail we are your sole source of sweet and sour. 

What are Shrubs?

Shrubs are a combination of fruit, vinegar, spicing and sugar. They originated in colonial times when freezing fruit to preserve it was not even a thought. With the advent of modern technology their need was allayed, and they fell back into history. Just like all good things they made it back!

Drinking Vinegar? Are you crazy? 

The tartness from vinegar is not much different than lemonade, thirst quenching and highly refreshing. Balanced with some sugar, lovely fruit and a touch of spicing there is nothing better on a hot day or in a cocktail.