Earth’s Herbal

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Lily Fawn is an herbalist who lives in Metchosin and has been making organic herb products since 1992

  • Unique herbal remedies
  • Purchased in fun, unique way that show’s Lily’s sense of humour
  • Locally foraged and handpicked wild crafted herbs whenever available
  • Small batch preparation
  • Relationships with her customers and her community is her primary mission
  • She takes the time to develop personal relationships, share knowledge, and offer her expertise


  • All tea blends are 100% natural. They do not contain any artificial flavourings, fragrances or sugars
  • The Happy Tea and Tea for Sad People are the SAME tea blend… so just choose the label you like best
  • All tea blends are caffeine free except: Earl Grey, Chai, Holiday Spice, Black Rose and Study Buddy (green tea)
  • Loose leaf teas contain approx. 40-60 cups per tin! Use one tsp per cup
  • Premium quality signature blends created by Lily are unique. She personally creates each recipe and hand picks every ingredient for quality and freshness offering medicinal value and better taste!
  • Lots and lots of cool cocktail recipes and fancy hot tea drinks on my website (free)