Birds Edge Studio

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Located in Victoria

I have been imagining and creating all my life. I am self-taught with a strong desire to think, design, and make. I discovered needle felting 6 years ago and it took to me. Sculpting with wool has become a passion. When I work with roving, I am reminded of where it comes from. The smell of lanolin along with the bits of seeds and grass I find in the wool, takes me to its beginnings on the back of the sheep. The process of needle felting goes like this: take a handful or two of roving, using a seriously sharp, barbed needle, begin to work it into the roving hundreds of times. A shape will begin to form, further detailing, along with colour, is added in the same manner. Hours upon hours are spent sculpting and fine tuning. There is no glue, no sewing, no adhesives to keep the wool together. The barbs on the needle mat the fibres thus creating a ‘dry felted’ piece. I look forward to each piece as it speaks to me and have made it a ritual to add the eyes last. This gives the piece its voice, the possibilities are infinite. Enjoy.