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A happenstance conversation in a garden in 2012, between the founder of Bees Wax Works and its’ current owner, brought together ideas of a chandler’s apprenticeship for Jill and quieter days for Richard.  Jill and her partner Bruce have been practicing the old skills of creating hand dipped and hand poured beeswax candles since then.  What started as an idea for a lifestyle change and creative outlet, has become a thriving local small business.
Bees Wax Works now dwells in their home on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia.  The Candle Room first put roots in the ground on Salt Spring Island and it has since expanded to other pastures on the big island.
The wild wet west coast is scattered with unique communities of artists and crafters working together with others to make their spaces beautiful and harmonious.  There is a ‘hive to home’ culture there and an ilk to homesteading in modern ways that threads its’ way through the communities ~ Bees Wax Works is a part of that culture.
Jill and Bruce both have backgrounds in the performing arts, now their creations are tangible, semi-permanent and bright.